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Fantasy Witches

The Witches We Love to Love

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This community is for people who like witches, stories about witches, TV shows about witches, and movies about witches. There are many of these, and a lot of them are listed in the layout and in the interests below. If you like any of these, feel free to join so we can all talk about witches and how great they are!
We can also talk about witch fictions on TV shows like Charmed or Sabrina, movies like The Witches or Hocus Pocus, and even realistic depictions like the Circle of Three books, and horror depictions like The Craft and The Blair Witch Project. We will also gladly accept any fanfictions, so long as they are posted under an LJ-cut.
This is not meant to be a coven so much as a community of fans of witches. People who practice real witchcraft are welcome here, but let's try to keep all posts fantasy-based, okay?

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[1] Treat others as you would would want to be treated.

[2] Promotion of other communities is allowed, but please keep graphics larger than 400x400 under an lj-cut.

[3] Fanfiction about witches is highly encouraged! However, please keep long stories under an lj-cut.

[4] Try to keep all posts FW related.

[5] Don't forget to have fun!!!

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Please do the Questionnaire. It helps get the word out about the community as well as tells us about you. It's fun and pretty short, so have fun with it. Simply cut and paste, don't forget to write your answers after the <*/b> Oh! and answer your questions with full length sentences, thanks!

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